20 Fun Ways to Announce Pregnancy To Parents (That They Will Never Forget)

Are you looking for funs ways to tell your parents you’re pregnant?

Pregnancy is a precious time, and really, it’s over before you know it. However, if it’s your first time, you might find yourself unable to decide how you should disclose the news. And that’s understandable, of course, because after all, surprising parents with pregnancy news is a BIG deal! You want to make it as memorable as possible and, hopefully, get the moment on camera as well.

But then again, when there are 100 ways to say I’m pregnant, what should be your go-to?

Of course, there is no wrong way to announce pregnancy, but surprising parents with pregnancy should be special. Becoming grandparents for the first time is a truly elite feeling, and both you and your parents deserve to feel it fully.

Now, before you go on and Google 100 ways to say I’m pregnant, here is a list of some cute ways to announce pregnancy to parents, including some really great ideas for pregnancy reveal to parents!

When to Announce Pregnancy?

Once the initial shock has surpassed, you’ll want your parents to be the first ones to find out about your baby, after your spouse, of course.

Still, there is a huge risk of miscarriage during the first trimester, which is why most parents wait until it’s ‘safe’ to announce their pregnancy.

But then again, if something were to go wrong, they wouldn’t have anyone to fall back on. So some parents usually tell their inner circle the news almost as soon as they find out but wait to tell friends and other people until the pregnancy is stable enough.

However, there is no right or wrong time for surprising parents with pregnancy, and it just depends on when you and your partner are comfortable. But whenever you decide to go for it, make sure the revelation is just as exciting as the actual news!

How to Announce Pregnancy to Parents?

So, you’ve finally decided to tell your parents your big news! I know exactly how exhilarating it can be, and trust me when I say that nobody will be happy for you like your parents are. But, they are always your biggest supporters, and you can count on them to make these moments even more magical.

But the question remains – how to announce pregnancy to parents? Also, how to announce pregnancy to parents who live far away?

As I said, there are many cute ideas to announce pregnancy to parents, and you should take them up because this is a beautiful moment, so why not make it a little extra special for you and your parents!

I rounded up some creative ways to announce pregnancy to parents, just for you! Let’s get to some cute ways to tell your family you’re pregnant for the first time.

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1 – Baby Onesie

Announce pregnancy to parents

When it comes to pregnancy reveal to parents gifts, baby onesies are top of the list because nothing says I’m pregnant like a bit of onesie for your bundle of joy. And the best part about this idea is that you have so many options! For example, you can get a onesie that says ‘Promoted to Grandma/Grandpa,’ ‘Coming Soon,’ I Can’t-Wait to Meet You, Grandma/Grandpa,’ or even get a personalized onesie to include your baby’s name and due date. Either way, I guarantee that your parents are going to be over the moon!

2 – Wine Bottle Labels

Source: Etsy

Of creative ways to announce pregnancy to parents, a rather subtle method is to invest in wine bottle labels that you can stick right onto a previously purchased bottle of wine. It might take some time for your parents to notice this one, but it will be 100% worth it! When they see the label, they will be thrilled! 

3 – Fake Lottery Tickets

These pregnancies reveal lottery tickets are so real-looking that parents will never be able to tell! So, if you want to surprise your parents with pregnancy news, this is a perfect idea! Get them to scratch a lottery ticket only to find out that they’re the lucky winner! And the grand prize is their first grandchild! Plus, these tickets generally come in packs, so there’s probably enough to go around for your whole family. Just make sure they scratch it at the same time, so the surprise isn’t ruined for anyone.

4 Grandparent Books

A special grandparent book is another creative way to announce pregnancy to parents. And it’s a practical idea too because they’ll be able to use it with their grandkids soon enough. Hence, if your parents love a sentimental gift, they are going to gush over this one absolutely! A good book I’d recommend is Grandma Wishes by Julia Lobo.

5 Heartbeat

What is more precious than your little one’s heartbeat?

Very few things, if any at all. Thus, one of the cutest ideas of announcing pregnancy to parents is by having them listen to your baby’s heartbeat. And for the surprise element, tell them it’s a new track or something when it’s actually your baby’s heartbeat from their first ultrasound. It is genuinely one of the sweetest ways to announce your pregnancy and would make for a truly memorable surprise.

6 Game Night

If your family is one for games, you should spill the beans while playing a game. Nobody would suspect a thing, and it’s a truly wonderful way to tell your family you’re pregnant for the first time! Whether you’re playing Pictionary or charades, just act out ‘we’re having a baby’ and watch as they jump for joy! Scrabble would also be a great idea, and you can actually spell it out for your fam.

7 Wrap Up Your Pregnancy Test

Speaking of pregnancy reveal to parents gift ideas, the classic wrapping up your pregnancy test is an old but still gold tactic. Get a gift bag or a fancy ribbon, and send it your parents’ way. They will love it! And certainly, it’s one of the most straightforward ways to let your parents know the big news. 

8 Grandparent Countdown Blocks

Grandparent Countdown Blocks are yet another super cute idea for you to let your parents know they’re being promoted to grandparents. I would suggest you simply place the blocks on their bedside table and wait for them to notice. Oh, and don’t forget to record their reactions because they’re going to be priceless! And of course, it will help them keep track of time. 

9 Booties in a Box

Who doesn’t love cute little booties in a box?

Booties are another creative way to let your parents know you’re expecting. And pair this with a personalized note or a sweet poem to really amplify the effect. And they can keep the booties as a keepsake to remember the beautiful announcement.

10 Wrap up a Diaper

Speaking of wrapping things up, nothing speaks babies like – you guessed it! Diapers. And if you’re on a budget, then this is the perfect idea for you. Wrap up a diaper and send it off to your parents to announce that you’re finally pregnant. Plus, this might be the last clean diaper they see!

11 Sweet Poem

If you want to announce your pregnancy to your parents, the best way for it is to come from the baby itself! A sweet poem or letter from their future grandchild is genuinely one of the absolute best ways to break the news. But fair warning, things can get a bit emotional! Still, this is definitely one of the cutest ideas ever, and if you pair it up with an adorable grandma necklace or another gift, it is going to be the ultimate pregnancy reveal!

12 Get Cake

The best way to celebrate is with cake! So, get a cake and a cake topper, and you’re ready to announce your pregnancy in style! It’s an excellent idea for when you’re announcing your pregnancy to your family in person, and you’ll even have a cake to celebrate after- so you really can’t go wrong with this plan. Though it might be a little more elaborate considering some of the other ideas on this list, it is so worth it!

13 Crack Open an Egg

If you’re expecting around Easter time, I recommend getting in the holiday spirit and announcing your pregnancy with an egg! Have your parents crack open an easter egg to reveal a custom message congratulating them on finally becoming grandparents. So, head on over to Amazon and get an egg with a personalized message to surprise your parents! And of course, they won’t be expecting anything fishy, so your surprise can even stay secret till it’s finally time.

14 Photo Slideshow

Pregnancy reveals are an excellent time to look back on the beautiful time you’ve spent with your partner. Therefore, I suggest you compile the pictures and videos of some of the funny and emotional moments you’ve had, including the first time you and your spouse met each others’ parents. Make a slideshow and announce your pregnancy at the end of the video. You could do this through a sonogram, a pregnancy test, or just a caption. But whatever you choose, your parents will be blown away by the news!

15 Use Puzzles

Speaking of babies, a cute idea to reveal pregnancy news is using a custom-made puzzle that you can get your parents to put together. And the good thing about it is that they probably won’t even notice until it’s complete. This means you’ll have just enough time to ready your camera and record their reactions for eternity!

16 Spell It Out

Another brilliant yet relatively simple idea would be to spell out the words for your parents to read. For example, if you’re baking a pizza, you could simply use a bit of sauce to adorn the top with the magical words- ‘we’re having a baby!’ Or, of course, you could get a fortune cookie with a special message for your parents to find out on their own. And this would work great for a long-distance announcement as well because you could just ship it out to them.

17 Write it in the Sand

If you’re planning a trip to the beach, it is the perfect time for you to break the news to your parents. Write it down on the sand and watch as the realization hits them! Or, if they’re not physically there, you could always take a picture to send them. And the best time to do this would be when they least expect it.

18 Gift Them a Pacifier

Pacifiers are another great way to reveal your pregnancy to your parents, and they don’t cost a lot either. You can simply attach a personalized note to the pacifier and gift it to your parents. After all, nothing says baby like a good old pacifier!

19 Grandma Necklace

Your baby is very dear to your parents, and so, a great idea to make them feel special is by getting them a special ‘grandma’ necklace. Or, you could also get grandpa and grandma mugs or sweatshirts or whatever else you think your parents will love. You see, the options are endless, and really, it is the thought that counts!

20 Bun in the Oven

And if you’re still stumped for ideas, just go with the classic bun in the oven to tell your mum you’re expecting. Because remember, though getting creative is a great idea, it doesn’t really matter how you tell it. Your parents will be happy for you either way, no matter how you choose to reveal your pregnancy!

What’s the Takeaway?

Your parents are among the few people who will be genuinely happy about your baby’s arrival. Therefore, when you decide to tell your parents all about the big news, it is almost imperative that you make it special. Pregnancy reveal gifts are a great idea, but there are many other fun ways to announce your pregnancy to your parents as well. And they work for both in-person and long-distance announcements. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to break the news to your parents and watch as they jump with joy.

Lastly, if you haven’t made the announcement to your husband, we wrote a guide for 7 memorable ways to make a surprise announcement to your husband. Make sure you check that out!