Newborn only sleeps when held

Newborn Only Sleeps When Held: Tips & Techniques

Struggling with a newborn that only sleeps when held? Explore why babies prefer this comfort, techniques to promote independent sleep, and strategies for parents to cope. Learn how swaddling, white noise, establishing a bedtime routine can guide your newborn towards better sleep habits.

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middle names for lucas

Middle Names for Lucas: A Comprehensive Guide

Discover a comprehensive guide to choosing the perfect middle name for your little one named Lucas. From traditional to unique, nature-inspired to rhythmic names, this article offers a plethora of ideas to complement the charming first name Lucas. Dive in to make your choice easier!

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Why is My Baby Fighting Sleep

Solving the Mystery: Why is My Baby Fighting Sleep?

Struggling with a baby fighting sleep? This article uncovers common causes like overtiredness, undertiredness, overstimulation, separation anxiety, and discomfort. Find solutions like establishing a calming bedtime routine, responding to sleep cues, and sleep training. Learn to care for yourself during this challenging time, too.

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How to wake up a newborn

How To Wake Up A Newborn

Waking a newborn can be a delicate task. Discover gentle ways to rouse your little one from sleep, understand their unique sleep patterns, and learn the importance of consistency and preparation. Make waking up a pleasant experience for both of you.

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