How Much to Spend on a Baby Shower Gift in 2023

Finding the perfect gift for expecting parents to honor a new baby can be tricky – how do you select something practical, within budget, yet still conveys thoughtfulness? This guide provides invaluable insights to simplify your gift-selection process for baby showers, ensuring you strike the perfect balance between thoughtfulness, practicality, and budget.

Short Summary

  • Consider your relationship with the expecting parents, event extravagance, and budget when deciding how much to spend on a baby shower gift.
    • A regular present might be anywhere from $25-$200, but adding that special touch will make it all the more memorable.
    • For those close to the family, most people will spend anywhere between $100 and $200 on a baby shower present, so gifting around this price range is an appropriate choice.
  • Put a personal touch on gifting by opting for personalized or DIY presents, plus support local businesses!
  • Pooling resources is an easy way to give more without breaking the bank & long-distance gifting is great for virtual celebrations.

Determining Your Budget for Baby Shower Gifts

A couple discussing their budget for a baby shower gift

When buying a baby shower gift, one should never be overwhelmed by the cost. To make this process easier to manage, it’s important to consider three things: your relationship with the expecting parents. How grand or small the event is and lastly, one’s own financial state.

Let’s look at these criteria in-depth when deciding what would make for a perfect shower present for those special little people! Depending upon individual ties with mommy and dad-to-be, as well as its significance based on their celebration size coupled with your budget – all of these are important factors.

Relationship with the Expecting Parents

The cost of your baby shower gift for the mom and parents-to-be depends on how close you are to them. If it is a best friend or relative, consider giving something unique specially made just for them, such as monogrammed baby clothes or matching nursery gear. For acquaintances and coworkers, an average but thoughtful present like diapers or a store gift card would do nicely.

Event Extravagance

When selecting a baby gift, the shower’s level of extravagance should be considered. If it’s an extravagant event held in high-end places like a country club, then your present should reflect this with higher price points. However, spending less on presents is fine and reasonable for more relaxed celebrations such as backyard potlucks. Remember that giving matters most thoughtfully, not how much you shell out for something!

Personal Financial Situation

Your financial standing must be given priority when establishing your gift budget. Remember that a present’s sentiment is more significant than its cost. If you’re on an economic plan, consider clubbing resources with other invitees to obtain something better for the recipient. Doing so won’t strain your finances and still expresses your thoughtfulness. Because, as they say, a meaningful offering needs not always be costly!

The Power of Thoughtful and Unique Gifts

A woman holding a thoughtful and unique baby shower gift

Finding a great baby shower gift to express your love and admiration for expecting parents is a special gesture. No matter its cost, it’ll always be remembered as an invaluable keepsake. Here are some remarkable options when searching for that perfect gift.

The thoughtful gifts you choose will show how much you care about those new parents-to-be! A personalized item can make all the difference with unique presents such as customized mugs or picture frames made just for them; these may even become family heirlooms in years to come!

Personalized Gifts

For a great shower gift, you could opt for something personalized. Some blankets and onesies can be customized with the infant’s name or initials to make them suitable for baby showers. One of those photo albums or scrapbooks would also be an amazing choice as these gifts allow expecting parents to keep a record of their newborn’s memories throughout its first year! This is surely something extraordinary that they will cherish forever.

DIY Gift Options

A DIY gift can make an extraordinary present for those with crafting skills. Making things like quilts, outfits, or scrapbooks is economical and provides genuine meaning over store-bought items. A themed baby basket full of necessities or even a handmade newborn journal could be compiled as gifts – the love put into these presents will never go unnoticed!

Supporting Local and Sustainable Brands

A great way to show your thoughtfulness while gift-giving is by purchasing from local and sustainable companies. When you purchase baby shower gifts that are organic, eco-friendly or natural. Not only will the quality be of high standards, but also helping out entrepreneurs in need.

You can find many packages for such occasions containing items like little ones’ apparel made with organically grown materials plus toys that are good for Mother Earth and skincare products, all created sustainably; thus, everyone gains something when these options are selected! It’s an ideal setup allowing one to give a meaningful present combined with supporting causes close to heart!

Navigating Baby Registries and Off-Registry Gifts

When it comes to baby shower gifts, you can either stick with the items on a baby registry created by expecting parents or go off-registry. Let us look at both options for gift-giving during this special event in honor of the new arrival and his/her parents.

The expecting mom and dad will likely create an extensive list of necessary objects, such as clothing, diapers, etc., they want to receive at their baby shower. These comprise what we call a ‘baby registry.’ If desired, people may also decide not to comply with said requests but choose unique presents that will bring them joy.

Choosing Items from the Registry

baby registry checklist

Purchasing items from the baby registry guarantees that mom and dad will get precisely what they desire. This removes any uncertainty, ensuring you offer them something practical they both appreciate.

Consider the following commonly listed gifts on the gift registry list:

  • Baby toys
  • Baby gear (e.g. stroller, carrier, etc.)
  • Nursery items (e.g. crib sheets, baby monitor, etc.)
  • Baby clothes

If money constraints concern you, select an item within your price range if possible, though should those be taken already, then think about providing necessary supplies such as diapers, for instance!

Going Off-Registry

Buying a gift that’s not on the registry can be tricky. It is essential to consider the parents’ wishes as well as what gifts they have already received. A great off-registry suggestion could be an all-inclusive baby bathtub – something useful, convenient, and secure which fits within standard etiquette for this type and price range of presents.

Group Gifts and Pooling Resources

A group of people at a baby shower

Purchasing gifts as a group and joining forces financially are effective methods for providing an extravagant present without overspending. This allows you to be part of something greater while remaining within your monetary limits. Let’s delve deeper into this solution further. Joining together resources allows individuals who may not have enough money to purchase something extraordinary as a collective gift. At the same time, everyone can keep within their budget range.

Organizing Group Gifts

Group presents can be a wonderful way for the expecting parents to receive an item from their registry or something special that they may not have picked out. Get some family members and friends together, decide on each person’s contribution and you’ve got yourself a gift! Things such as baby baths, health products & toiletries items – even those necessary for baby-proofing rooms – personalized glasses, postnatal recovery baskets and books are great group gifts.

Pooling Money for Services

As a gift for new parents, pooling money together is beneficial. This type of assistance can include meal deliveries or house cleaning services, which are very beneficial to those with existing children in their family.

Various online platforms such as Braid Pools, WebBabyShower, Cheddar Up and more offer easy ways to collect funds quickly without stress for all involved parties. also allows people to gather monetary contributions into one fund specifically created with new parents in mind.

Gift Ideas Based on Your Relationship with the Parents-to-Be

When selecting a present, how well you know the expecting parents is important. For casual acquaintances, an appropriate suggestion would be something more generic and non-specific such as a basket full of baby items or even a gift card for any required infant products. Alternatively, if it’s someone who’s close like family or friends, picking out something personalized with their tastes in mind will show that extra thoughtfulness; think of unique photo collages to mark the occasion, plus gifts suitable for their house or kitchen!

Long-Distance Gifting and Virtual Baby Showers

It is possible to celebrate the joy of a baby shower even if you are not able to be present in person due to long-distance gifting. Possible gift items include connected jewelry, touch lamps, or personalized objects such as blankets and mugs.

For virtual baby showers where one can attend remotely. Giving gifts through cards or online registries allows for selection from afar by the recipient with ease while allowing them to make your presence felt regardless of distance.


Choosing a suitable baby shower present doesn’t have to be an overwhelming challenge. Reflect on your association with the expectant parents, the size of the gathering, and what you can pay to develop a caring and considerate gift option.

Whether it is a personalized product, something homemade by yourself, or contributed together as part of one big surprise, remember that its worth lies in how meaningful it is rather than pricing itself. Welcome to this new life happily while supporting these soon-to-be guardians at such an extraordinary time!

Also, if you are wondering what to wear to a baby shower, check out my other post with some thoughtful ideas!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is $100 good for a baby shower gift?

For those close to the family, most people will spend anywhere between $100 and 200 on a baby shower present, so gifting around this price range is an appropriate choice.

What is the rule of thumb for a baby shower gift?

Consider your relationship with the mom and dad-to-be when choosing something to give for a baby shower. A regular present might be anywhere from $25-$200, but adding that special touch will make it all the more memorable.

Let that feeling of anticipation guide you in picking out the perfect gift!

What are some unique and thoughtful gift ideas?

Finding personalized gifts, homemade presents and items from sustainable producers can be a great way to express thoughtfulness. These special tokens will stay close to the heart of whoever receives them!

How to choose a gift from the baby registry?

Selecting presents from the registry can be a great way for you to ensure that parents-to-be get everything they need and desire. Look into something in accordance with your budget to ensure their wishes are fulfilled.

What is the concept of group gifts and pooling resources?

Gathering resources from a group of people can be an ideal way to give someone special something more expensive and extravagant without requiring each individual to spend too much. This is the perfect resolution when you would like to express your gratitude but lack the funds for it yourself. Pooling together allows everyone involved in giving this gift, making it all the more meaningful.