7 Beautiful Nursery Decor Ideas You Need To See

Something happens when you get pregnant; you start thinking of beautiful nursery decor ideas, even if you previously weren’t into interior design or decorating in general.

I guess that protective and motherly instinct makes you want to give your precious baby the best and ensure that they are in a beautiful, loving, and safe place. However, when looking for nursery decorating ideas, it is easy to be overwhelmed with all the information out there, mainly if you are a first-time mom.

You need to make so many preparations before your baby gets here, and we’d like to take one thing off your plate.

That’s why we’ve put together these beautiful nursery decor ideas you need to see as you prepare to decorate your nursery. We hope these will guide you in choosing the ideal nursery for your expected bundle of joy.

What To Consider When Decorating A Nursery

You should keep in mind things when decorating a nursery because they will guide you toward creating a safe, beautiful, and functional space.

Here are some factors you need to consider before implementing the baby nursery decor ideas you may have.

  • Theme/color. You need to decide which colors you’d like in the nursery. This will depend on some things. For example, you can consider the gender of the baby and then decide whether you want to have pink or blue. You can also look at the decor of the entire house and discover which colors you like or are comfortable using, then you can translate them into the nursery.
  • Baby’s safety. Your baby will spend a lot of their time in this room so you need to be sure it’s a safe space for them. This means confirming that anything pinned on the wall will not fall down and possibly land on the baby and that there’s enough air circulating in that room. If the baby is safe, it reduces the chances of them succumbing to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Experts agree that although the exact cause of SIDS isn’t yet known, things like having low levels of oxygen or inhaling carbon dioxide can contribute to it. 
  • Type of Furniture. You’ll need a furniture in your baby’s room, so you need to decide what kind to get. Do you want to have a crib in there? What about an area where you can sit as you rock the baby or change their diaper? 
  • Storage. How will you store your baby items like clothes, diapers, or toys? It is important to decide what kind of storage you need, whether that will be shelves, a cot drawer, or laundry baskets so you can access whatever you need easily.

Beautiful Nursery Decor Ideas For Your Baby

Use Wall Art

7 Beautiful Nursery Decor Ideas You Need To See - Nursery With Wall Art

Wall art is a simple, functional, and inexpensive way of decorating your nursery. According to research, hanging a piece of art in your baby’s room provides a kind of visual stimulus. It helps them to identify patterns and focus their vision in one place. With time, they become familiar with it and the room, which can be soothing to them even when they’re anxious. This is something you may want for your baby.

There are different ways you can implement this. You can have one big or a few large pieces of art in the nursery, or various small wall art surrounding the baby’s crib. You can even DIY this so you don’t have to spend a coin.

Gender-Neutral Nursery

7 Beautiful Nursery Decor Ideas You Need To See - Gender-Neutral Nursery

If you are looking for newborn baby room decorating ideas, but you don’t want to lean towards pinks for blues then you can go for something gender-neutral. This means using colors that aren’t specifically meant for boys or girls.

Maybe you are decorating during your pregnancy, and you don’t want to find out the gender of your baby yet or you are thinking that your next baby will also use this nursery and their gender may be different from your first baby’s. All in all, a gender-neutral nursery works perfectly.

Use Antique Pieces

If you are an antique lover, you’d want to decorate your baby’s nursery in a way that brings this out. A great way of doing this is by using antique items. For example, you can have some antique furniture, baskets, shelves, or add wheels to vintage crates to turn them into storage boxes. There are so many things you can do. If you don’t want it to be too much, you can have one main piece, such as an antique rocking chair, and the others can be modern or a different style.

If you like luxury and comfort and want the same for your baby, then a luxury nursery is perfect. You need to remember that the details determine if you’ll end up with a luxury nursery or not. For example, you can get a baby cot that screams elegance and great style. Soft pastel colors communicate luxury, and so pink, beige, white, or blue work best in this case.

You can also go for a crib made of materials like mahogany or oak.

An alternative is having an ordinary nursery and then adding some elegant pieces to give it a touch of luxury.

Minimalist Nursery

7 Beautiful Nursery Decor Ideas You Need To See - Minimalist Nursery
Corner of baby’s room with a crib, a tent, a large window and two framed posters hanging on white walls. 3d rendering. Mock up.

Sometimes, less is more. Motherhood is already an overwhelming experience, and so you may want to keep things simple when searching for beautiful nursery decor ideas. The minimalist vibe is worth considering.

You can implement it if you are a minimalist or you just want to simplify your life when decorating your baby’s nursery. It can be frustrating when you’re tripping over stuff on the floor when you go to feed your baby or change their diaper.

To achieve this, only have what is necessary for the nursery. Examples include simple bedding, very few accessories and toys, a dresser that you can also use as your baby’s changing table, or shelves hung on the wall to reduce the number of items on the floor.

Animal-Themed Nursery

7 Beautiful Nursery Decor Ideas You Need To See - Animal-Themed Nursery

If you love animals or think your child will adore them, then you can consider decorating your baby nursery with them.

Imagine a fox, tiger, elephant, monkey, long-necked giraffe, or bear representation in your baby’s room. This can make them feel like they’re in a circus or out in the jungle and just hanging out with their animal friends. 

You can have them as portraits, so you simply print the animal pictures and hang them or use them as your wallpaper. You can also get animal toys or sculptures. Here are more amazing animal-themed nursery suggestions you can check out. 

The good thing about these animal-themed nurseries is that your child may still adore the nursery even if they grow up. Also, these animals blend in with any type of nursery decor ideas you currently have. So you don’t need to change anything; you simply add these animal pieces.

Modern Nursery

7 Beautiful Nursery Decor Ideas You Need To See - Modern Nursery

If you’re looking for decorating ideas for a baby nursery, then a modern one is something you can consider. This is perfect if your idea of a nursery is simple and functional. If you are a busy mom, then this will serve you well.

To create a modern nursery, you need to implement cleanliness, incorporate neutral colors, ensure it is free of clutter, and add some stylish pieces to it, such as the lighting.

Different types of nurseries can be considered modern. For example, you can go for the minimalist nursery and then have clean white walls and beautiful furnishing, and this makes it modern. Or you can choose a neutral color nursery like black and white and then add sophisticated gold art to make it modern.

Modern is an overall term used to refer to nurseries that are safe, beautiful, and serve their purpose.

Concluding Thoughts

It’s very easy to get overwhelmed when you think of decorating your baby’s nursery. However, this process doesn’t have to be stressful. When you consider these 7 beautiful nursery decor ideas, you’ll find one or two that resonate with you. Once you know what you want, it’s easier to implement it.

If you are looking to decorate a nursery on a budget, read our guide here.

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