7 Free and Low Cost Ways to Decorate Your Home

With the change of seasons only a few weeks away, homeowners everywhere are updating their homes and redecorating their living spaces, and you are probably ready to do the same.

Updating the space you live in is one of the best ways to lift your mood and express your creativity, but what if your ideas are bigger than your bank account? I came up with a list of seven free and low-cost ways to decorate your home on a budget.

If you long to update your home but do not like the idea of spending large sums of money, you will be happy to know that there are plenty of ways to express yourself, and many of them are free or nearly free. These tips will make a big difference without taking a big bite out of your bank account. 

Free and Low-Cost Ways to Decorate Your Home

1. Give your furniture a new home

If you want to update your home, you do not have to buy new furniture. That is also true especially when you have lots of existing furniture hanging around. Simply shifting the couch to a different corner or moving a bookcase to another room could give your entire home a whole new look, so try it and see what you think. There are also additional reasons to rearrange your furniture.

2. Use throw pillows for a splash of color

If you are tired of your old boring couch, give it a new lease on life with some colorful throw pillows. This inexpensive update could not be simpler, and with prices so cheap you can bring a rainbow of bright colors to all your indoor spaces. 

3. Add some light

The right lighting can make any home look better, so experiment with a number of fixtures, wattages, and other options until you find the combination that works best for you and your home. Something as simple as adding a new table lamp or placing a pole lamp in the corner of the living room could make a huge difference, all at very little cost. 

4. Give your old cabinets new life with upgraded hardware

A simple hardware upgrade could be all you need if your kitchen and bathroom cabinets are structurally sound but less than optimally attractive. New knobs and door pulls can give your old cabinets a new lease on life, all for a fraction of buying new ones. 

5. Bring in some greenery

There is nothing like a lovely green plant to spruce up your space, so why not raid your garden or visit the local nursery? If you grow your own plants the cost will be next to nothing, and even nursery plants are generally inexpensive. If your thumb is less than green, you can find realistic-looking plants and flowers online, and the good news is their blooming will be permanent. 

6. Print off your favorite photos for some low-cost wall art

If you are tired of staring at the same bare walls, the solution could be as close as the phone in your pocket. Your smartphone is probably home to hundreds of photographs, so choose a few favorites and have them printed and professionally framed. Photos are great low-cost wall art, and you can change up your on-wall gallery any time you like. 

7. Give the front door a new coat of paint

Your front door is the first thing visitors see, so make that initial impression a great one. You do not need a new door to impress your guests – all you need is a new coat of paint. If the paint is still in good shape, try hanging a wreath for an extra splash of beauty. 

Brown-stained Front Door on a home with a bordering window and a pillared porch

Your home may be your castle, but that does not mean you have the wealth of a king. If you want to update your home and make it look better, you do not have to spend a huge amount of money, not when you can complete the seven upgrades listed above at low or even no cost.

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