How To Dress During Pregnancy Without Maternity Clothes

For as long as I can remember, all the women around me wore maternity clothes while pregnant. So when my turn came, I started thinking about how to dress during pregnancy without maternity clothes. While there’s nothing wrong with maternity wear, I didn’t want to invest a lot of money in a new collection of dresses that would only serve me for a couple of months.

Additionally, my belly protruded so much that I felt huge and bloated. I knew maternity clothes would amplify this feeling, yet I wanted to be still cute and stylish. I wanted to FEEL LIKE ME to enjoy the motherhood journey even more.

There are different reasons why you might opt for non-maternity dresses for pregnancy. Your finances may be tight, and you cannot afford a new wardrobe. Perhaps you have the money but prefer spending it on things like baby clothes. Maybe having clothes you won’t wear after birth feels like clutter to you.

No matter your reasons, I got you today with exciting suggestions for non-maternity clothes you can wear during pregnancy and afterward. And the best part is that you may already have some clothing items.

Can I wear non-maternity clothes while pregnant?

The answer is yes if you were wondering if you can put on your regular clothes while pregnant. When you go through your outfits, you’ll find some that you can fit in with your pregnancy bump.

Most women’s pregnancy bumps usually start showing from the second trimester. Thus, if you were wondering when to buy maternity clothes, you can start when you’re four months pregnant and beyond. But, if you prefer to wear regular clothes, that’s also an option.

When you get to the second and third trimesters, things change. According to research, most pregnant women add on between 25 to 35 pounds, which is equal to between 11.5 to 16kgs. Therefore, we won’t all look the same when pregnant.

Some of my friends had cute, round pregnancy bumps while I went from being petite to big. Every time I stepped on the weighing scale during my prenatal care checkups, I gained 5 kgs.

This means that some women can continue to wear their regular clothes when pregnant while others may have to be creative in making their normal clothes work for them, but yes, it is possible.

Tips For Wearing Non-Maternity Clothes When Pregnant

Tips For Wearing Non-Maternity Clothes When Pregnant

Now that we’ve established you can put on non-maternity wear during pregnancy, how do you go about it? Below are some tips you can use.

Go through your closet

Before you spend on more clothes, let’s check your closet and see what you have.

You might be surprised to discover that a sizeable number of your clothes can serve you for the entire duration of your pregnancy. Examples of these types of clothing include free-flowing dresses, shirt dresses, oversized t-shirts and sweaters, stretchy dresses, and so on. Move these to the section of your frequently worn clothes.

As you do this, take note of clothes you know you won’t wear that much. Examples include tight jeans, dresses with fixed waistlines, tight belts, and anything uncomfortable to move around in or that will cause pressure on your belly.

Put them at the back of the closet or somewhere and revisit them after birth. Sorting these clothes will make it easy to get ready because you won’t spend time going through clothes you won’t wear.

Resize your regular clothes

You may have some clothes that you still want to wear but are a little bit tight. The solution is to resize them because tight clothing is not good for you.

According to experts, there are so many negative effects of wearing tight clothing during pregnancy. For example, it might prevent the baby from moving freely in the womb, subject the mom to swelling of the feet and legs (due to less blood circulation), and even cause premature contraction (which can lead to premature labor and/ or premature birth).

You can resize different clothing. For example, your breasts will keep enlarging, and instead of throwing away your current bras, you can buy bra extenders for the first few months before you get into nursing bras. The extender will make your bra a couple of inches bigger and therefore accommodate your growing bust.

You can also put expandable side inseams in your trousers to make them bigger and simply take them off post-delivery.

Buy clothes 1 to 3 sizes up

You may need to add a few wardrobe staples to take you through your pregnancy. But instead of getting maternity clothes, you can buy clothes you normally wear. The only difference is that you’ll choose 1 to 3 sizes up so they can accommodate your growing bump.

Since these are non-maternity pieces, they will serve you even after you’ve had the baby. When you shed the baby weight off, all you’ll need to do is have them resized at the tailor and continue rocking them.

You can continue shopping from the brands you’ve been using for your normal clothes but if you want to try out some of the best non-maternity brands for pregnancy, read this article.

How To Dress During Pregnancy Without Maternity Clothes

When thinking of how to dress during pregnancy without maternity clothes, the secret is to have some wardrobe staples that will not only accommodate your growing bump but also make you look and feel good.

Lots of dresses

Having non-maternity dresses for pregnancy is one of the best strategies for avoiding maternity wear. You can never go wrong with dresses, and the best part is that you can wear them right from the time you get pregnant to after delivery.

Dresses will also make you look put together with as little effort as possible.

It is important to note that not all dresses will do. Bump-friendly maternity dresses are the best option. You need something that is loose or stretches and, therefore, covers your belly. Maxi dresses are amazing because they will always look appropriate even as your belly grows bigger and starts lifting fabric up. They are also quite stylish.

Summer dresses also fall under bump-friendly maternity dresses, so don’t be afraid to rock one when the sun is out.

We can’t leave out wrap dresses given how simple they are to put on and how stylish they look. 


Jeans are an easy way to look put together. You can simply throw on a t-shirt, top tank, or tunic top with sandals and you are ready to go.

Are you a pants type of girl, but maternity jeans don’t appeal to you? Don’t worry, there are lots of alternatives to maternity jeans that you can rock.

If you are going to work then you should try business trousers because they not only look professional but are also comfortable. You can rock it for other occasions apart from work if you like this look.

Lounge pants are the definition of comfort and are a great option for non-maternity wear. You can go for fashionable ones that will lift up your spirits and make you feel great.

Jumpsuits are another great option for non-maternity clothes. If you are not yet ready to let the world know that you are expecting a baby, you can wear jumpsuits to hide the bump. Also, when you get to the third trimester, jumpsuits will be one of the most comfortable outfits you’ll need. The fact that they don’t have anything elastic on the belly area means nothing will put pressure on your stomach. This is what makes them comfortable to wear.

You can accessorize jumpsuits with fashionable sweaters, boots, or even scarfs.

If you’ve just discovered you are pregnant and are looking for some memorable ways to break the good news to your husband, here are some tips.

What if you still want to put on your regular jeans? This is possible, but you need to know how to wear jeans when pregnant. For example, by threading a rubber band or hair elastic through the buttonhole, your trouser will have more room around the waist when you unbutton it.

You can opt to buy a waist extender instead of improvising one, and this will allow you to wear your jeans even in your third trimester because they are stretchable and provide more room around your trouser’s waist.

You can also wear the waistline of your jeans a bit lower than you normally would, and you’ll find it more comfortable.


We cannot leave out leggings when talking about how to dress during pregnancy without maternity clothes. This is because they are soft and stretchy, so they’ll easily fit you regardless of which trimester you are in and won’t put pressure on your abdomen.

Another reason why leggings are a favorite amongst pregnant women is that you can wear them with almost anything. You can throw in a fitted t-shirt on top, or add a cute cardigan or kimono. You can also wear it under a dress and maybe even add some boots, or pair it with a sweater dress. And it doesn’t hurt that they are cheap too.

One of the best non-maternity leggings for pregnancy is the high-waisted ones. Since they stretch, they will comfortably cover your bump and still make you look good. In addition, if you get good quality ones, they’ll retain their shape even after you’ve given birth and so you can continue to wear them.

Leggings are also great if you plan on working out during your pregnancy. They are comfortable and will stretch as you exercise.

Oversized t-shirts and sweaters

If you’ve noticed from my previous points, I’ve included outfits that are either free or stretchy, which is important when we are talking about how to dress during pregnancy without maternity clothes. Therefore, oversized sweaters and t-shirts cannot miss on this list. This is because comfy clothes are one of the pregnancy essentials you need for every trimester.

You can wear both with leggings, especially if the t-shirt or cardigan covers your baby bump. This will make you look stylish instead of putting on all baggy clothes. You can also wear an oversized t-shirt or sweater with jeans, and the best part is that you can walk around with the trouser unbuttoned and no one will know. Plus, you’ll feel very comfortable doing that.

If you spend a lot of your time at home, then these are the comfortable clothing you’ll need because they are cozy.

If your pregnancy falls during winter or the cold season, then these baggy sweaters will provide you with the warmth you need.

Tank tops

I’ve always loved my tank tops, but I was surprised at how much I wore them when pregnant. They were so comfortable, and I didn’t know they could stretch that much, but they did. So, I wore them the entire 9 months of my pregnancy.

If you have some long tank tops, then you’ve hit the jackpot because these will cover your bump as your pregnancy progresses.

Another great thing about tank tops is that you can layer them with other clothing. For example, you can wear a loose, everyday top over it, and it will look more stylish and less casual. You can also put it on with a statement blazer if you want to give off a semi-casual or more professional look.

High waist skirt

One of the ways you can look fashionable when pregnant without wearing maternity clothes is by putting on a high waist skirt. This skirt will accentuate your body, make your bump look cute, and generally improve your physical look. 

The best part is that it will make anyone stand out regardless of their shape or size.

You can also get your regular skirt and wear it above your waist to achieve the same look. However, you should know that the dress will appear slightly shorter since you’ll have pulled it up. You can add leggings if you feel it’s too short, and you’ll be good to go.

In Conclusion

Gone are the days when maternity clothes were the only option for pregnant women. Today, with a bit of creativity, you can rock your regular clothes, save some money and still look stylish. I hope this article has answered ‘how to dress during pregnancy without maternity clothes.’