7 Memorable Ways To Make A Surprise Pregnancy Announcement To Your Husband

If you are looking for some creative and memorable ways to make a surprise pregnancy announcement to your husband, you’ve come to the right place. 

Discovering you’re pregnant can be such an overwhelming feeling, whether you got lucky during your first time or you’ve been trying for a while. This is especially true if it is your first child. You can be thrilled and scared at the same time. 

While there’s nothing wrong with simply blurting out the words “Hunny, WE ARE PREGNANT!” it doesn’t hurt to take it a step further and make the pregnancy reveal extra special. If you are wondering how to go about it, don’t worry because we got you. 

Here are five memorable surprise pregnancy announcement ideas you can explore.

How To Make A Surprise Pregnancy Announcement To Your Husband

Scavenger Hunt/Treasure Hunt

This is an amazing way to tell your husband you are pregnant. Sit down and write clues (when he’s not around) that will guide him to the last spot where he’ll discover that he’s about to be a dad.

The clues don’t have to be complicated. For example, when he comes in, the first one can be, ‘Honey, I know you are tired, please go sit on your favorite chair.’ He knows his favorite chair, so that won’t be hard. When he gets to the chair, he finds another note with the next clue. It can be something like ‘put your favorite show or game on TV,’ and then under the remote, there’s another clue, and so on.

He will be getting excited whenever he accomplishes each step. When he gets to the final clue, he finds a note letting him know that he’s going to be a father. It can be “I’m pregnant, we are going to be parents, you are going to be a dad,” and so on.

Photo Frame Present

Baby ultrasound photo frame present

If you are celebrating any special occasion (his birthday, promotion at work, the holidays, etc.) then this is an excellent way of announcing you are pregnant because he won’t suspect it.

Get a photo frame with words like “I love you dad” or “I can’t wait to meet you, dad” and then wrap it up and give it to him as a present. 

If you have already done an ultrasound, you can put the pictures in the frame. If not, you can have it empty, or with the generic baby photo, it comes with. This is an amazing gift because when your baby is finally born, you can take a photo of the two of them and put it in the picture frame.

Deliver the News at a Sentimental Location

delivering baby news on a date

Every couple has places that are special to them. It could be where you went for your first date, where he proposed or asked you to be his girlfriend, or where you took a special trip or went for your honeymoon.

This is an awesome place to make the surprise pregnancy announcement to your husband. 

He’ll already be flooded with emotions because the location brings back good memories, and that’s where you’ll tell him that you are making an addition to the family.

You need to be creative with this one, so he doesn’t wonder why you’re taking him to that particular place. For example, you can ask him to go out and then ‘suddenly’ have an urge to pass by your favorite place or you tell him you’re so happy to have him in your life and you’d like to spend more time with him, at your special place.

Use a Letterboard

pregnancy announcement letterboard

You can be so overwhelmed with emotions when you find out you’re pregnant. Words may even fail you. 

A letter board is a great way of making a surprise pregnancy announcement to your husband. This is a board (normally black in color) that comes with letters and a hook. You can arrange the letters to create any sentence you want. If you’d like to hang it, then the hooks at the back come in handy. 

The amazing thing about a letterboard is that it stimulates your creativity because you can say whatever you want and whoever you want to say it to. You can be funny, serious, cheeky, or romantic, depending on how you want to deliver the big news to your spouse.

Some of the words you can use include;

  • We’re having a baby!
  • And then there were two, and then there were three
  • Hello baby!
  • We can’t wait to meet you baby!
  • We are expecting a product of Netflix and chill!
  • We’re expecting a special delivery in …. (include your due date/month)

Pregnancy Announcement Through a Game

If you two are into games, then this is an excellent way of announcing the pregnancy to your husband. 

It will be both fun and special.

You can pick a game you normally play so he can’t suspect beforehand or tell him you’re introducing him to a new game. During the game, make hints and let him guess until he gets that you’re trying to tell him you’re pregnant.

Examples of ideal games for a pregnancy reveal include charades and lottery scratch cards. For charades, you can ask him a question like ‘what takes nine months to form?’ and then make a swaying motion with your hands as if you’re rocking a baby. Or ask him, ‘what happens when two people in love get intimate?’ then put something like a pillow inside your clothes in the tummy section and let him guess. 

For scratch cards, you can give him several and tell him he has a chance of winning something. He’ll be excited to scratch them and then he’ll see the words’ Congratulations! You’ve just won a baby.’

You can DIY these scratch cards if you are great at DIYs or order them online

You can play any game you like such as scrabble and puzzle. The concept is the same – letting him know through the game that there’s a baby on the way. 

Homemade Movie

You can make a surprise pregnancy announcement through a homemade movie. 

This can be as simple as putting together photos or short clips of your journey as a couple and then including the words ‘I’m pregnant’ or ‘we are expecting a baby’ at the end. 

If you have basic editing skills like how you do for social media videos then you can hack it. If not, you can hire a video editor to do that for you. 

An alternative to documenting your journey in the video is using baby photos of both of you and then ending the clip with something like ‘and now we’ll have our own baby.’ 

Take the Pregnancy Test in His Presence

This may seem like a very basic way of making a surprise announcement to your husband but the reaction it brings out is priceless.

It doesn’t need a lot of planning. You can get a pregnancy test kit, pee on it then put it in front of your husband and let him see the two lines emerge. On the side, he’ll see it’s indicated two lines means you’re pregnant.

You can be creative about it depending on what you prefer. For example, you can bring him in after you’ve already peed on it or tell him you think you’re pregnant and you’d like to take a test together. 

The key thing is to let him see the results first.

Take Away

You only have one chance to make a surprise pregnancy announcement to your husband. You can make this moment fun and memorable by implementing any of these surprise pregnancy announcement ideas.

However, planning a pregnancy reveal should not be a source of stress because all your husband cares about is that you two are forming your own tiny human. So, even if you just blurt it out, he’ll still be overjoyed. I wish you all the best on your parenthood journey.

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